A Nation of Immigration is not a Playstation- Rep. Chris Corbett (R)

The legal ramifications of immigration is the hot-button issue pressing on all of us at the moment. Yet, unlike a Playstation, we cannot kick back and relax on this issue. Immigration is not a game. While it has lost the party minority votes, immigration is detrimental to society as it causes an situation of non-citizens exploiting government and U.S. benefits, creating a rift in the political system as we know it. The Tea Party does not realize these implications of immigration on our American system. Their radical beliefs regarding immigration laws will only create more bureaucracy and uneeded paperwork that will only devour our time as representatives and senators, when we should be focusing on more domestic concerns such as healthcare, education, and our tax system. We must increase spending on border security while keeping in mind the budget and current deficit we’re under. While costly, border defense will keep out non-citizens that can manipulate the amenities and resources of our government. We will raise law enforcement through border patrol and and look to deport the majority of recent immigrants. Don’t let America become lacksidaisical and fall behind other nations. Yes, we are the international melting pot. But there is a stark contrast between legal immigration and illegal immigration. Which one do you think is occuring in today’s America?  Let us strive to be a country of character. Let’s not remain a stationary Playstation.

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